• Take Your Place in the Denim Industry
    Take Your Place in the Denim Industry
    Laser Engraving , Cutting, Pattern Making, Marking
  • Metal Cutting Machines
    Metal Cutting Machines
    Cutting, Drawing, Forming, Engraving
  • Laser Cutting and Marking Machines
    Laser Cutting and Marking Machines
    Fabric, Denim, Leather, Wood, Plexiglass, Metal

Technology That Gives Way to Life

Our high-tech products, besides improving the efficiency, gives the opportunity to work safely for many years.

Meets Your Needs, Innovative Solutions

You determine the industry in which you want to produce and leave the answer to the question HOW? to us.

Affordable, Versatile Uses

We can produce a machine with the properties you wish, which gives any shape you wish to any material, be it textile, metal, paper, glass or plastics.

Denim Marking Machines

Galvanometric scanning system directs laser beams very fast with its special mirrors, lenses and electronic systems and it allows you to work on any kind of material.

Engraving, Cutting, Pattering, Marking

We do works for far reaching technology-based development

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You determine the properties of the machine you need for efficient production; we will develop the project and start on its production straight away.

Laser Cutting and Marking Machines

Combines the power of laser systems with the speed of galvanometric systems. ARGES makes it possible to work with faster, more sensitive and more powerful laser options.

Table Type Laser Machines

An ideal bench for cutting, marking, engraving and raster marking processes. With its practical head design, lens cleaning and focusing are now much easier.

Metal Cutting Machines

Designed for laser cutting in industries which require high laser power, LK series products are the top and most powerful members of our product range.

Metal Marking Machine

Offers an excellent process capability with a perfection of faultlessness and sensitivity for your marking works. Generates a high quality laser beam in TEM00 mode thanks to 21st century technology fiber lasers.

Dieboard Machines

Provides a process performance with a perfection of faultlessness and sensitivity for your metal cutting works.