Technical Services

All producers know what a great nuisance downtime resulting from technical failures poses with respect to workflow and waiting orders

You cannot afford to wait if you are racing against time!

Working with a company providing technical service and spare parts support for the laser machinery it produces will bring you many important advantages:

  • Our technical service team will be as accessible to you as if they were your own personnel.
  • Since our technical service team is also experienced in production processes no difficulty with regard to the understanding and solving of problems will be experienced.
  • The spare parts you require shall be immediately met from our stocks.

To receive technical support, to order spare parts or to request services you may call our hotline at 494 4 545.

Our technical service team, which continuously updates its technical knowledge and experience, will meet your requirements quickly and will ensure that works are resumed as soon as possible.

We have created a strong technical service infrastructure thanks to the experience we gained and the investment we made in training our staff during these last 25 years. Today we provide after-sales services for almost a thousand different machines we produce. Our customers rest confident in knowing that they will have our continuous support in after-sales services and R&D.

In order to provide effective and quick solutions to our growing customer portfolio, we are committed to provide timely and on-site response with our experienced technical service team, whatever your problem or needs.

If, one day, we have the chance to work with you, this commitment will extend to you too.