Service Policy

Our service policy contain quick solutions, unlimited support, 24h on-site response, 2-year warranty, original spare parts support at reasonable prices, maintenance, testing and repair services for parts

Quick solutions: Your requirement will be met as soon as possible after you call the Technical Service Call Center and ask for service.

Unlimited support: During production you can receive unlimited support from our technical service team over the telephone whenever you wish.

24h on-site response: Service requests made to the Call Centre from locations within the province are responded to within 24 hours.

2-year warranty: All machinery built by Best are under a 2-year warranty against production flaws as from the sale date. Please see the agreement for information on Warranty Conditions.

Original spare parts support at reasonable prices: Best keeps the necessary spare parts for all machinery it produces in its stocks for 10 years. This way your spare parts requests are immediately met from the stock.

Maintenance, testing and repair services for parts: If considered necessary by the technical service team, any part of your machine can be received into the workshop for testing, maintenance or repair. In the meanwhile the necessary part will be fitted into your machine to ensure that your work suffers no interruption.