Innovative Solutions

Laser cutting and marking machinery are used in so many different industries (textiles, denims, advertisement, printing, metal).

Laser technology makes its appearance at one point or another of the production of packaging materials of foodstuffs and beverages, your shoes and clothes, any printed material you may lay your hands on and most of fabric, glass and metal household goods. The most important factor that encourages our creativity is in fact this industrial diversity.

Employing an innovative outlook specific to needs...

It may be possible to use laser in a field in which you plan to make production or investments or at any point of your production. Many of the machinery in our product range came into being as a result of such a need.

The laser cutting or marking machinery to fully meet your needs may yet to be produced, or acquiring it from the country where it is produced may exceed your investment power; this, however, does not mean that it is out of your reach.

One day one of our customers came to us with a small box in his hand. This wooden box was joined without using nails or glue. Our customer needed a box having these properties in order to export foodstuffs. He wanted us to build a machine to produce this box. We did...

You determine the industry in which you want to produce and leave the answer to the question HOW? to us.