Project Development

We know which questions you ask while preparing to start a business in an industry you believe to be profitable.
  • What is the investment cost?
  • Where and how will I obtain maintenance-repair and spare parts?
  • Will I be able to find an adequate and experienced workforce?

We too asked the same questions when we set out 20 years ago to use our engineering skills in the machinery industry.

Production using domestic resources, high-technology, on-site servicing and spare parts support!

It was our aim to carry out production using domestic resources and labour, to use our engineering skills for improving local industry and to provide our customers with on-site and adequate technical service, on-the-job training and spare parts support. At this point we are happy to make satisfying replies to all your questions.

The Turkish machinery industry has grown by approximately 20% since 1990. We are aware of our part in this growth as a SME and are proud of developing products and projects that are capable of competing internationally. Yes, for us the answer to the question WHERE? is obvious: Made in Turkey.