Arges Laser System Investment Opportunities

As in the rest of the world, machine production is one of the locomotives of Turkish industry.

The machinery production industry of Turkey, a larger part of which consists of small and medium size enterprises (SMEs), has been growing steadily for the last 25 years.

Established as a SME in 1992, our company adapted to the changing economic conditions and technological advances thanks to its flexible structure, and succeeded, during these last 25 years, in producing high-quality machinery capable of competing internationally in the Laser Cutting and Marking industry.

While incorporating Best as two engineers, we designed a structure that would enable us to manage all units from Projecting to R&D, Production, Sale, Installation, Technical Service and Spare Parts from a single centre and that would not make us dependent on external sources. Today, all machinery in our product range are designed ,their mechanical and electronic systems are produced and the necessary software is developed under a single roof, the Best organisation. We are capable of making any changes and modifications to the machinery that we know so well, and are able to easily solve any technical problems encountered by our customers.

Almost all of the mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic parts of our products are standard parts that are produced in Turkey and are readily available on the market. Parts requiring specific production outside the scope of standards are designed by our company and are produced in Turkey using domestic raw material. This way our customers experience no trouble with respect to the supply of spare parts. The spare parts that are required can be reproduced when necessary. At the end of the 2-year warranty period our company provides a 7-year spare parts and service warranty. You can order consumables online.

While our R&D department follows technology closely in order to develop our existing products in keeping with the industry’s needs, our engineers work on special projects designed according to needs expressed by our customers.

Our successful past of 20 years in Turkey has earned us a brand value in the industry; in addition to brand awareness, we hold a much more valuable value - an important accumulation of know-how in our field.

We believe that the laser cutting and marking industry has a significant potential in many countries of the world and are already excited about the projects we will conduct in cooperation with international investors.