Software Service

Accurate is a programme that operates over windows operating systems. Best determines the properties of the computer system necessary for effectively operating the programme.

In fact, if you wish our service team can supply and install the programme. A training on Accurate is given after the installation of the system and the software.

Support via Telephone

You may call us and receive support over the phone for any questions or problems you may come across working with Accurate.

Remote Desktop Connection

In cases where phone support is not sufficient we may directly connect to your system through Remote Desktop Connection and intervene on-site, seeing the problem.

Accurate Maintenance Agreement

You can receive support from us through an Accurate Maintenance Agreement if you cannot find the opportunity for the maintenance and back-up of the system due to your busy schedule. If you like, we can also support your network system through a Corporate Maintenance Agreement. This way we can maintain both your programme and your computer.

Sale of Computers and Accessories

We have extended the scope of our computer sales service, which we had started by providing suitable computer systems for Accurate customers, in order to respond to other needs of our customers. Now, you can call us for any computer parts or accessories you may need. We can provide you with the most suitable part at the most suitable price.

Best Interpro Award

Interpro Information Technology Awards 2001-2002 "SOFTWARE PRODUCT AWARD"