Special Laser Projects

In the field you consider making production or investments you may need a machine that is yet to be produced in Turkey (or in the world) for that matter.

We can produce a laser machine with the properties you wish, which gives any shape you wish to any material, be it textile, metal, paper, glass or plastics. The only thing we need to do is to come together and discuss the details of this special project.

"We need such a machine that…"

Part of the laser machines in our product range came into being as a result of projects developed according to our customers’ needs. Then we produced similar machines for other customers who rendered services in related industries.

Since we produce the electronics and software as well as the mechanics of the machines we design, we will be working on them until they are capable of producing at the efficiency you expect. We will of course provide technical service, maintenance - repair and spare parts after your purchase.

You determine the properties of the laser machine you need for efficient production; we will develop the project and start on its production straight away.