Denim Marking Machines

Combines the power of laser systems with the speed of galvanometric systems. ARGES makes it possible to work with faster, more sensitive and more powerful laser options.
Denim Marking Machines.


Today, not only do manufacturers shape their manufacture through profit maximization but also through social responsibility awareness such as effiecint use of environment-friendly energy resources. In accord with this aim, ARGES offers 300, 500, 700, 1000 watt power options in new generation LG-3D / LG-5D series laser machines combining its laser manufacture experience of 20 years with the cutting-edge technologies of today. In addition to that, they allow faster and more ergonomic use with two options; four-panelled automatic loader cabins and security sensor-fitted cabins.

Protection of human health and environment is a substantial priority for Arges. For that reason, our objective is to minimize the effects of conventional denim methods, namely chemical and dry processes. Human health, environmental matters and ergonomics have significant roles in developing and manufacturing our new machines. Our effort,mainly, is to reduce our ecological footprints even more, and to use the sources, provided by nature, as efficient as possible.

Minimum Energy Consumption – Maximum Power

Less energy consumption, enabled owing to efficient systems, assists you in responding to business-related demands expeditiously and lucratively in the competitive markets, which are becoming more and more rougher nowadays. It is possible to observe the cutting, burning, marking, and engraving speeds delivered by high-efficiency CO2 lasers. Flawless serial productions are ensured through high precision at high speeds. Double perfection of laser beam with adjustable sharpness, designed for more efficient operations, and optional “second guide light” is now available. Second guide light will provide a remarkable saving of time and delivery speed since it enables a manufacturing process without “start-stop” sequence.


High Efficiency

Excellent Cutting and Marking Quality

Low Operating Costs


User-friendly Control Panel and ARCON SOFTWARE


3D+ Optical System

Equipped with the galvanometric motor technology, Arges is a laser system that can deliver laser beams within milliseconds in any desired spot diameter, to any desired point, and at any desired tim thus gives you the opportunity to operate at full capacity and puts an end to performance-related time losses. The new “3D+ Optical System” rapidly changes an automatically-focused beam diameter through specialized software programs. This feature offers better transitions, thinner lines and greyscale. Our beryllium galvanometric mirrors used in directing light allow the perfect accuracy of the pattern reflected onto the piece owing to their lightness and speed.

Technology and Quality

Arges, manufactured by the use of world-renowned, long-lasting and high quality laser tubes, is designed to operate non-stop and with precision even under hard conditions. The body and components of Arges are processed on special CNC machines with precision. In addition to that, Arges, assembled by expert engineers, is tested by advanced technology testing and measuring devices at manufacturing and assembly stages.

Arges provides your company with automation and the elimination of any manufacturing-related errors. You can reduce your costs through 24 hours serial manufacturing. More particularly, you can save time on “cutting, burning, marking and engraving” processes performed by lasers. You can perform operations of “cutting, burning, marking and engraving” in the processes as to cutting jeans, shoes, bags, leather clothing, belts, leather-crafts, leather and fabric accessories, embroidery, stone molds and such like materials; cutting paper and invitations, and embroidering textures and leather labels on quality smooth surfaces. Developed by the expert engineers of Best, Arges is the right choice when it comes to delivering excellent cutting speeds and comprising innovative technologies in every possible way.

Security in Every Respect!

We've taken every measure to ensure that your operations are facilitated and performed safely:

With Arges, integrated with a barrier of area selectivity or IR screening security systems, you will be safe.


With our professional and experienced team, we are with you anytime you need after sales support.

Installation on Site and Training

Any Arcon machine you purchase are installed and calibrated on site by our technical team. Your operators are trained with care for you to operate your machines correctly and trouble-free.

Barrier System for work safety

When the operator want to interfere in the work area during the working of the machine, the machine automatically stops owing to the security barrier. This is s security-friendly convinience.


The projection system is processed simultaneously with in the laser cabinet the full image of the scene to be machined is reflected in the preparation section outside the cabinet. This allows uninterruptedly and perpetually operation of the laser.

Manual intervention of the enclosed area of the machine

Where it is difficult to operate on products within the areas of the table systems for manual process can be act on by the closed area in the front for manual intervention.

Arcon Software program

The Arcon software program was developing integrated into the machine, thus it has enabled to making it easier usage.

Arcon software that provides support in every language can be used in your own native language for a better understanding.

Arcon software is an ergonomic and user-friendly software that establishes a perfect control through many auxiliary devices like drawing tools, which offers the opportunity of sizing and pattern designing, and a simulator, which calculates the completion period of the pattern to be processed at a given speed and processing conditions.

With Arcon paint, you can easly draw designs as seen below as well as desings of your own using ready-to-use brushes. You can use the designs presented in the archive, and add textures on them.

Formats supported by ARCON



Best Machine, Best Price

Holding unique design, technology and quality of the machines of its own manufacture above all, Arges offers its advantage of high manufacturing capacity owing to its speed and ergonomics to its customers...


Machine Model LG-5D-X3 LG-5D-X5 LG-5D-X7 LG-5D-X10
Laser Classification IV
Laser Power J3 / SR25 Laser J5 Laser J5-NB / IX45 Laser IX65 Laser
(750 Watt Peak Power) (1000 Watt Peak Power) (1300 Watt Peak Power) (1700 Watt Peak Power)
Laser Wave Lenght 10.6μm
Laser Frequency 0,1-200 kHz
Cooling System Closed Loop Water Cooling System
Optical System 30 mm Galvo Mirrors + 30mm Dynamic Focusing System + Automatic Elevation System

Working Area
Operating Sensitivity 16µ/m
Z Axis Depth 300 mm - 2200 mm
Vector Speed 40.000 mm/sec
Picture Speed 50.000 mm/sec
Focal Lenght Automatic Distance – Adjustable Focus
Control Software Arges ARCON
Weight 2490kg
Product Dimensions (W x L x H) 3350mm x 3800mm x 2900mm
Electrical Power Requirement 380V - 50Hz - 3 Phase
6,0 kW 9,0 kW 12,0 kW 15,0 kW