Arges Denim Master

Fabric Printing Machine

Arges Denim Master is a system that opens the suitable roll fabrics with an unloader-winding electromechanical servo system and enables the desired pattern to be laser printed quickly and safely by laser burning while the fabric passes over an inclined table.

The system allows the processing of roll fabrics suitable for laser marking up to 1800 mm width, 200 kg weight and 600 mm roll diameter.

The purpose of the system is to make laser marking on untreated raw roll denim fabric, and to provide convenience to designers in the design of imagined products.

Arges Denim Master can be used in integration with Arges LG-3D and LG-5D Denim Burning and Marking machines.

The roller system and the laser system are equipped with the necessary safety systems for the user. The laser working area is limited by safety-warning strip and protective safety barriers.

Fabric flow and laser burning rates are synchronized with the Arcon software, which was developed with Arges software engineering.

The system is also capable of rewinding, stopping and marking the desired length of the fabric in roll form.

When desired, unrolling, collecting, fabric control operations can also be done manually via the metering control panel. In manual use, the fabric can be rewinded and the tension of the roll can be adjusted.

Thanks to all these features of the system, patterns of desired density can be easily marked with high print quality.

Industries: Textile, Home Textile, Leather and Fabric Accessories, Denim (Jeans) Marking.

                         Arges Denim Master


380 V

Electricity consumption (max)

4 kW

Fabric processing speed (max)

150 meters/hour

Rewind Constant Speed

150 meters/hour

Roll fabric width (max)

1800 mm

Roll fabric weight (max)

200 kg

Roll fabric diameter (max)

600 mm

Machine Width

2540 mm

Machine Length

1545 mm

Machine Height

2220 mm

Arges Denim Master.