Laser Cutting and Marking Machines

Combines the power of laser systems with the speed of galvanometric systems. ARGES makes it possible to work with faster, more sensitive and more powerful laser options.
Laser Cutting and Marking Machines.

An ideal bench for cutting, marking, engraving and raster marking processes. With its practical head design, lens cleaning and focusing are now much easier. Its movement system consisting of linear rails enables a longer lifecycle, more quality work and less maintaining requirements.

  • Denim, Textile, Footwear, Leather,

  • Glass, Mirror, Medical, Electronics

  • Stone, Marble, Plastic, Furniture, Toys

  • Advertising, Printing, Promotional

Galvanometric scanning system directs laser beams very fast with its special mirrors, lenses and electronic systems and it allows you to work on any kind of material.

Engraving, Cutting, Pattering, Marking

Excellent accuracy and high speed make LG-3D an ideal machine for productions in large numbers. Within its process area varying between 300x300 mm and 1500x1500 mm, it completes necessary focusing changes in milliseconds while directing the laser beam quickly and provides a cutting and marking performance with
an equal sharpness on each corner of the working area. Working guide (display of work area with red laser light) enables a faultless process. The product has an internal system monitor (a control and security system which extends your machine’s lifecycle and inspects working conditions).

Technology CO2 RF
Laser Safety Norms Class IV
Nominal Power 100 W - 150W - 250 W
Wave length 10,6 μm
Cooling System With Water Cooling
Working Area Between 300 x 300 mm and 1500 x 1500 mm
Spot Diameter 270 μm - 1200 μm → 30 mm Systems
180 μm - 670 μm → 50 mm Systems
Working distance 100 μm
Marking Speed 5000 mm/sn - 10000 mm/sn
Axis 3+1
Z Axis Movement Between 500 - 1200 mm or 1000 - 2200 mm
Drive / Motion System With Galvo Motor
Control Software ARGES ARCON Software
Interface USB, Network
Electrical Connection 220V 50Hz 1P / 380V 50Hz 3P
Power Consumption 3,5 kw / 5,5 kw
Noise Level <50 db
Operating Temperature Between 18°C and 28°C and % 50% - % 70% Humidity
Weight ~ 75 Kg / ~ 100 Kg
(Width x Length x Height)
Laser Head: 210 x 1350 x 190 mm / 300 x 1600 x 210 mm
Power Supply: 660 x 500 x 1100. mm / 800 x 600 x 1350 mm

Shoes, Leather, Textile, Glass, Mirror, Metals, Medical, Automotive, Electronics, Arms Industry, Advertising, Printing, Promotion, Stone, Marble, Plastics, Glass, Accessories, Furniture, Toys and Various Sub-Industries…

Glass, Accessories, Paper, Leather, Denim, Rubber, Wood, Timber, Plastics, Plexiglas, PVC...