About Arges Laser System

Producing laser cutting and marking machinery we have left 25 years behind. During this time we tried to think as would gardeners feeding themselves on their own produce

Since 1992…

Adopting the name “Best!”, we were aware of the fact that we had started on a quest on an indefinitely unfolding path. We adopted certain basic principles in order not to get lost:

  • Production conditions change but quality standards remain unchanged.
  • The changing expectations of the industry and the customer are immediately integrated into the projects/system/production plan.
  • R&D is not a specialist resorted to as and when the need arises, but a part of the team.
  • Customers hold the commercial efficiency of the product in the foreground.
  • Each product must be more capable than that which precedes it.
  • The intellect produces technology and technology feeds the intellect.

Showing intelligence, technology and labour we developed products, which in turn lent us intelligence, energy and strength to produce new ones.

We found ourselves in a new project with each producer knocking on our door saying "I need a machine to do such and such!" Each question got us pursuing new technologies and each new technology broadened our horizons. Please take a look at the PRODUCTS page if you are wandering what the results of the time, resources and labour we expended since 1992 are.

About Arges Laser System.